Fashion Questions

Fashion Questions


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How to Create Your Own Clothing Style?

Unqiue Fashion StyleCreate your own unique and chic fashion look!

Creating your own true sense of clothing style can take years to perfect, but there are ways you can speed up the process of fashionable and unique dressing.

It's about taking it day by day. About finding what styles and colours fit you, as well as working out what you like to wear, what makes you feel most confident and most yourself. Its also about dressing for your lifestyle, and your daily activities.

Blogger A Dream of a Lifetime has a very unique sense of style, with some clear rock, punk and vintage inspiration. She is always trying new things, and experimenting with different looks and outfits.

This particular outfit shows just how well she wears the 'utility' look. Textures comfortably clash to create a very wearable, but brave ensemble.

Check out Chictopia, an online community of fashion addicts, all with a different sense of style and creative flair. People all over the globe sign on and post photos of their latest ensembles, allowing you to see just how the fashion elite put together an outfit.

Check out magazines like Elle or Vogue, for runway tips and trends and celebrity looks too. Keeping in touch with whats going on is half the battle, it will enable you to easily navigate stores and help you know what sort of things you want to keep your eye out for.

Check out Youtube for tons of inspirational videos, and stylish ideas.

Free Styling Sessions

If you can't afford a stylist (which the large proportion can't), you can probably get to a store where they will give you a personal stylist for free for a few hours. Topshop have this sort of service in some of their larger stores in the UK, their Style Advisors need to be pre-booked, and its such a glamorous way to shop too. You can either book online, or give your nearest store a ring to book an appointment.

Plus, with Topshop's fashion forward design team, you are sure to pick up some trendy goodies. Just make sure that you buy something you really love, thats totally perfect. A good motto to keep is: 'if its 100% perfect, buy it, if its anything less than that, try something else on'. Don't buy something merely because its practical, this will give you a mumsy look, instead find the things you need but with a feminine/sexy edge.

Stylish Mannequin#Colourful Clothing

Work out what colors suit you, and buy essential items in these colours. Most women will fall into one of these two categories: earthy or clear.

The earthy girls look good in autumnal shades like reds, browns and greens, whereas the clear ladies will rock pink, blue and purples. There are a couple of colors which transcend these rules, these are turquoise and dark purple, which look good on pretty much every woman.

To find out which type you are, get out your clothes, accessories and some photographs. Work out which kind of color suits you best by seeing which makes your skin tone and hair color really healthy looking.

Generally, those with redder tones to their hair, or freckles on their cheeks will be earthy, and darker haired, clear skinned women are clear. But, there are some crossovers, so make sure to take lots of polaroids with different coloured clothes on. Doing this with a friend is so much fun too, as you can each decide on which colors look best. Make sure to write down which you think is best.

Oh, and remember that black or white looks good on only 3% of all women!

Stylish Hair is Essential

Your best asset, and certainly your most flirtatious feature is your hair. A good haircut and style can reel in the admirers and flattering comments. So, popping to you hairdresser on a regular basis is good to keep you looking up to date, as well as having a healthy shine and bounce.

Learn How to Do Your Makeup

Part of looking presentable is having a flawless complexion. Knowing how to apply products correctly, as well as which products to choose is a lengthy process, and is difficult if its not a topic that really interests you. Go to Makeup Alley for reviews on beauty products, a really helpful tool for deciding which brands actually work.

Then head to your nearest beauty counter for a free tutorial from a makeup artist on how to do your makeup. Go to a couple of counters in different department stores to work out what you really like and what suits your face shape and colorings, it will help you to discover your signature day and evening looks too.